Kegel Exercises for Men to Last Longer in Bed

By Daniel K.

What is Kegel Exercise?

Kegel Exercise for Men for Lasting Longer in BedKegel exercise is originally intended for women because it can increase the contraction of the vaginal muscles. However, it has been now also popular and useful for men to control and delay ejaculation.

Kegel exercises are aimed at training the pelvic floor muscle called pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles) to make them stronger in using to hold the ejaculation. The stronger you hold your ejaculation, the longer you will last longer in bed.

During exercise, the muscles that tighten and loose are that in the area of pelvic organs such as bladder, uterus and bowel.

The simple illustration of Kegel exercises is to flex and to release the pelvic muscle just like when you are holding and releasing urine.

How to do Kegel Exercise for Men to Last Longer in Bed?

Technique to perform Kegel exercise is as simple as to contract your muscles to hold urine for as initially for 4 or 5 seconds then relax. Keep repeating the exercise at least five times in a row with increasing length of time to hold urine for 15-20 seconds.

This exercise is quite practical because it can be done anytime and it only takes a few minutes. Exercises can be done on the office chair while sitting, walking, standing, or lying down, even while driving a car or in a small room. The important thing to remember is that this exercise in the calm state of mind.
Never do it in a hurry or when you are nervous or depressed.
Kegel is the name after a gynecologist – Arnod Kegel in the United States who was concerned about seeing a lot of pregnant women who could not control urination. He invented this exercises for the first time to help those women controlling urination. People who are frequently wetting and also hemorrhoid sufferers are also encouraged to do Kegel exercise.

As quoted from AskMen, Wednesday (30/6/2010) the benefits of Kegel exercises for the PC muscle in men is that it can control the flow of semen and urine, the power of the penis during erection and ejaculation as well as the shot power.

The work of PC muscle in men can be observed from the movement of the penis up and down in a state of erection. On top of primary objective that is to hold better the ejaculation for lasting longer in bed, this exercise also gives give you of more intense orgasms.
It is not recommended that while you are doing these exercises you concentrate your mind on another object. You should focus on the PC muscle being trained. The most appropriate place to do so is the couch while watching the television to enable you focusing on your PC muscles being trained.

This exercise should not be excessive, especially when you are the beginner usually because of too weak PC muscle to be trained. As it will involve the abdominal muscles and thighs so someone needs to relax first and start again.

How to use your PC muscle for lasting longer in bed

Many of guys incorrectly use the PC muscle to hold and prolong ejaculation during intercourse.

They start flexing or contracting them during arousal phase. This is not the right timing, because by doing so it will even trigger early ejaculation.

The right timing to flex your PC muscles is when you are feeling an urge to ejaculate, but not about 1-2 seconds prior to ejaculation, because it may be too late.

Do some experiments so that you will notice the best timing for you to hold ejaculation.

When holding ejaculation by flexing your PC muscles you may need to stop for a while the thrust movement. Then, when the urge to ejaculate subsides you may continue again the thrust.

I do hope you will see that you will last longer in bed as desired.

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