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Published on: November 9, 2015

6 Mistakes that Men Make During Sexual Intercourse

By Daniel K.

mistakes in love makingMany men do some mistake during sexual intercourse that cause sexual dissatisfaction of their partner. Find here 6 mistakes that men make during sexual intercourse you have to avoid so that maximum sexual pleasure can be achieved by your partner.

1). Silent.

No matter how hot the game you and your partner are playing is, it could be a bad thing to achieving maximum sexual pleasure, if you rarely speak or sound a sigh of pleasure. Even if you think it is a natural thing, but most women would feel alienated when you do so. You are like as if you do not appreciate the intimate relationship that you both do. Therefore do not be shy to make a sound that is a sign that you enjoy the game.

2). Do Foreplay too quickly.

There are many men who do foreplay quickly.
You like the rush in stimulating your partner because you could not resist your desire that has reached the peak. It is better to resist your desire a little and enjoy your partner’s touches given to you and also do not forget to pamper your partner buy stroking and stimulating the erogenous zones of her body to raise her lust. Good foreplay sex will make you both walk with fun and satisfaction.

3). Making an Orgasm as a Goal.

Orgasm occurs only when the sex that you do actually satisfy both sides. Do not force yourself too hard so that you reach orgasm too soon and you forget your partner. Instead of rushing to achieve an orgasm, it’s better that you have sex gently and thoroughly and enjoy every movement of the play.

4). Forget to perform oral sex on a partner.

Just like a man, a woman also wants to be stimulated by having gentle stokes and kissing using your lips and tongue on her intimate organs. However, men rarely do so to his partner. Remember that sex is also about giving and receiving.

5). Too active and strong fingering.

Fingering is one of the variation in sexual intercourse. But sometimes men too eager in doing this resulting in their partner to feel pain. Remember intimate organs are very sensitive. Therefore, be careful in doing so in order not to result in your partner’s pain.

6). Rush to end the play.

In every sexual intercourse, women always want to close the session with a sweet action. Women love to cuddle with her partner at the end of this intimate activity, while men rarely do.

Hope this article would be useful for the men for having the intercourse in a more beautiful way because sexual intercourse should be fun and rewarding for both sides.
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Lasting Longer in Bed for Men

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Published on: July 22, 2015

Benefits of lasting long in bed for men and women

Long lasting in bed is a great issue to many men. Most of them have a general premature ejaculation problem. It is a great frustration to many men all over the world and especially the married. In a marriage, sex is a great gift that acts as a bonding factor. It unites the two parties pretty well. This is all determined by how good a man is in satisfying his partner (wife) in bed. For the maximum satisfaction to be achieved, the man must be a long runner in bed. If a man is capable to last long in bed, it creates a good basis for their relationship bond. The women feel happy to be around him. She always looks forward to meeting him always in bed. This greatly plays a great role in minimizing the cases of women cheating in a relationship. The capability to lasting long in bed also helps the man to be confident. By being confident, a man is able to do things in his family in perfection. He believes in himself and is able to lead the family with certainty. This leads to much respect from both his wife and children at large. This leads to a happy family. A reason for much intensified love between the couple.

What is the impact on marriage / sexual life if men cannot last long enough in bed?

Contrary to the good things about a man to be capable to last long in bed as mentioned above, the impacts of the incapability of a man to last long in bed are severe and so devastating. This is generally caused by premature ejaculation. This is precisely a case where a man ejaculates fast before getting his wife to climax. The climax of a woman is generally the orgasm stage. There are several causes of premature ejaculation such as tension, stress and anxiety, lack of confidence and so on.

Being unable to last in bed can may lead to cheating in a relationship. This is because a woman gets unable to handle her sexual dissatisfaction sate and opts to go for a substitute. The substitute is absolutely another man who gets him to climax/orgasm stage. This way, she gets to feel relieved and at peace. This can generally lead to other impact in their relationship. First and foremost, she can get infected in the process via STIs. This can also risk his man’s health. The other thing is that she can end up getting unwanted pregnancy that might lead to controversy between her and her man. This can lead to divorce or general hatred making the love and sex life so tasteless. If this happens, the kids will end up suffering since we are all pretty aware that when two bulls fight, the grass gets the harsh impact.

This condition can also make the relationship tough and full of complications. At this stage, the man feels so despised which worsens his condition to a point at which he feels alienated and even opts to stay off his family. This can easily turn him to a drunkard. This way, the wife bears the consequences especially if there are young ones to look after. She need to see her kids eat, dress, go to school and so on. As a result, she ends up overworking herself and struggling each and every day to make ends meet. This may lead her to prostitution. She might also opt to leave the man and go to her parents. This is basically another complication since some of the grand parents are inhuman and may see her as a burden. The kids suffers even more.

To cut the long story short, a man being unable to last in bed generally leads to break up. The man ends up being so hopeless in life and the woman turns out to be something else to see her life upright and make ends meet. This is both for her sake as well as for the sake of her kids.

General tips for lasting long in bed

1. Foreplay.

Most men generally make a grave mistake of rushing things up thus winding up the sexual act too fast. The recommendable way to do it is to build up the moment slowly. This can easily and perfectly be done through thorough foreplay. If done correctly, there are high chances for a woman achieving orgasm just by oral sex.

2. Meditation.

This too is a great way of improving your overall sexual performance. Meditation helps in balancing your nervous system and helps in making you gain better control over your breathing which plays a very important part during sexual intercourse. Beware that he more attention you pay to the orgasm, the faster this will happen. During sex, try thinking of other things that will slow down your tendency to an early ejaculation.

3. You need her to be on your top.

If she gets on your top, your penis becomes less stimulated. As a result, she feels to be in more control. This will absolutely ensure you long lasting in bed.

4. It’s always wise to first Satisfy her

It is always wise to let her first have an orgasm. This will make both of you sexually feel better. It is every man’s concern with this condition to get the necessary help and guidance towards fixing this issue.

5. Proper Breathing Technique.

Focus on long deep breaths that fill your stomach, not your chest. This is generally because Short, fast breaths will kill your stamina. Here’s the secret that will skyrocket your sexual stamina. When you want to lower your arousal, focus completely on your breath. Look at your breath with completely awareness. When you do this, it is said that you are looking with the eyes of a child. Feel your breath pass through your nose, and fill your stomach. Feel it carry away your sexual energy as you exhale. You will be shocked when you see how well this works.

Let’s all fight towards achieving long lasting in bed. This will absolutely guarantee happy sex life ever. Good luck and much thanks to you.

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